How to Select Department In Pharmaceutical Company After Graduation From Pharmacy (Information About Departments In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant)

After graduation, many  Pharma students have dream to work with manufacturing pharmaceutical industries, but very sparse students have undivided knowledge regarding industries how it works and how Departments get categorized for smooth work flow to achieve targeted production plans in time, until they start working with any firms.

so getting complete knowledge before join to pharma industries is quite better proposal that how many sub Departments are there to plump for in which area you fit to work.

before going extensive need to clear about types of Pharma manufacturing Plants, so there are many type of pharmaceutical manufacturing industries are classified as per dosage forms like OSD (oral solid dosage ) manufacturing plant, Injectable manufacturing plant, API manufacturing plant and so on.

Types of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants :

  • OSD (Oral Solid Dosage form) Plant
  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) Plant
  • Injectable Plant
  • Others i.e. semisolids plant, lozenges plant, cosmeceuticals plant etc.

OSD (Oral solid dosage) plant :

Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) Drug facilities manufactures tablets and capsules and such facilities manufactures single of multiple products, there are many departments or section contribute to produce products from raw material to final product to dispatch for markets.

for example, in case of manufacturing of Tablets basic steps imply as shown in below chart.

In between this manufacturing process also some important steps involve to sustain product’s better quality which give ideal end results like, Quality Testing and In-process testing.

Hence there are many departments & sub-departments respectively involve in all work flow.

Department & sub-department in Pharmaceutical facilities (OSD plant) :

  • Production
  • Packing
  • Warehouse
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Human Resource
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • BSR


production department is classified as main core area in pharmaceutical industry, there are 3 main sub-departments named as

  • Granulation area
  • compression area
  • coating area

Granulation area is the first stage where the raw materials get processed to prepare granules, there are two methods for making Granules wet granulation and dry granulation .

process to begin with sifting by means of Vibro sifter in addition Binding (incase of wet method) by means of RMG further more is Drying by means of FBD then Milling with the help of multi-mill at last mixing and lubrication by Blender.

Many techniques is use in within during whole process to get proper ratio of Granules and fines.

After Lubrication Granules are ready second step to get compressed in compression machine.

when granules get compressed and Tablets get ready as per product requirements if necessary coating process can be done

coating process in must at some conditions such as when Product is Light sensitive, when taste is bitter etc.

Type of tablet Coating

  1. Sugar coating
  2. Film coating
  3. Enteric coating
  4. Pallets coating

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