Hetero labs Hiring for R&D Department (Analytical DQA) |For Experience candidates

What is DQA Means ?

DQA stand For Data Quality Assessment , DQA is the process to evaluating Data Statically and scientifically in order to determine whether they meet The quality require for projects or business processes and are of the right type and quantity to be able to actually support their intended use.

Work Involves:

Travel to the field and report findings facilitate in brief meetings, finding dissemination workshops, Conduct Trainings and Validation and submit detail collected DQA reports to the COP.

Provide Proper guidance of Quality related issue to the Process development team, also Review the documents of R&D Department.


Department: DQA

Qualification: M.Sc (Organic or Analytical Chemistry) and M.Pharm

Experience: 1 to 3 years

Offering Positions: Officer to Executive

Area Of work : Should have good experience in Plant QA, should be having knowledge in IPQA, QMS Validations.

Please share your profiles to the below mail ID:

E-Mail: durgabhavani.b@hetero.com for further info.

Please share your profile with job codes :

Job code : DQA01

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